Your Big Backyard

Read an article in an issue of this magazine and provide the following information:
What is the date of the issue?
What is the title of the article?
What are the page numbers?
What is the MAIN IDEA of this article?
Is this article fiction or non-fiction?
How do you know?


  1. This magazine was issued in January 2008.The name of the article is called Deer Day Care.The page number 23.Sydney a 6 year old and Jake a 6 year old have a big backyard in Texas.Tey see a lot of foxes,coyotes,and armadillos every year but one day was different than any other.One daythey found a new born fawn lying in thier backyard and Sydney and Jake were worried because it was hot they knew not to get to close.The fawn stayed in the yard for 3 days then the mother came back and gently it to the shade of a treeand Sydney and Jake thought it was so fun they hoped thye could do it again.I think this article is nonfiction
    because it is in someones real backyard.

  2. This artical was issued in January 2008.The artical is named Roly-Poly Hedgehog.It is on pages 4-9.this artical is about hedgehogs and how they are like pushpins.It also talk about what baby hedgehogs look like,how big or small they are Fully grown hedgehogs can easily crawl into a flowerpot and some are so small they can fit in your hand.Hedgehogs stay safe by rolling into a prickly ball.Hedgehogs eat snails,worms,insects,mice,and frogs.I think thiis artical is non-fiction.I think that because hedgehogs are a realanimal and it tells real things about them.

  3. January 2008 my title of my artical is Owls.Most owls live in trees and they only hunt at night and they also have big and long legs so they can see over tall grass.They live in burrows.Burrows are underground homes and when they go to get food the parents go and thet bring their babies a snack.And they eat insects,little lizards, toads,birds,mice,too.It is nonfiction becase it tells real fact abot what they eat and where they live.

  4. This article was issued in January 2008.The name of my article is Snake Hunt.It is on pages 24-27.Olive Opossum and Max Mole were hungry and Olive said "I'm hungry,I wan't something that slithers on the ground."But she really wanted a snake.Max didn't want one because he thought the snakes would eat him before he ate them.But Olive still wanted one,so they went on a snake hunt.Max dug under ground to find them and Olive looked on the ground to find them.So they looked and looked and then they found a hole.Olive looked down the hole and saw alot of snakes."It looks like 100 snakes,"Olive said."I don't want snakes any more."So they went to Max's den and ate worms.I think this article is fiction because the pictures that go with the story is in cartoons and animals can't talk.

  5. My date of my article is january 2008 my title of my article is cheeky chipmunks.It is about how chipmunks are not lazy.They run from one place to another.They like to eat fruits and in the summer and fall they store nuts and seeds to eat during winter.A few days later they eat the food they stored for the winter.It is nonfiction because it gives real facts about chipmunks and what they do and that they are not lazy.

  6. Issued:January,2008
    Found:on pages 4-9
    Title:Roly-Poly Hedgehog
    Magazine:Your Big Backyard
    The main idea of this article is that there are more than 5,000 sharp prickly spines on a hedgehogs body.They are every were except on there face,legs,and there soft belly.The baby hedgehogs have short soft spines when they are born.AFTER a couple of hours there spines will get harder and sharper.Hedgehogs are not that big.Some hedgehogs are so small you can hold one in your hand.Hedgehogs eat worms,insects,mice.and frogs.
    The following articale is NON-FICTION because it has real photographs of the hedgehog.

  7. My date of my article is january 2008.The main idea of my article is about headgehog babies and about how they look and what they eat.Headgehog babies have spines but they are little when they are born.Later their spines get hard and they grow.Headgehogs are not realy big,they can fit into a flowerpot.when headgehog see trouble it roll"s into a porky ball.It eat"s mice,frogs,insects,warms,and snails.It is fiction because it gives real facts.

  8. Title: The name of my article is River Otters. The month of the magazine is December. Its on p.5 The main idea of this article is its about how river otters are very playful. They like the snow and the river otters like to slide down on the hill. They slide on their bellies but then they get covered with snow lups. but oters like to eat frogs and fish every time. but otters have a good day and a wonderful time but its color is brown.This Article is nonfiction because otters like to play a lot and it gives good information in then story so it would help people know what river otters do.