Scholastic News

Read an article in an issue of this magazine and provide the following information:
What is the date of the issue?
What is the title of the article?
What are the page numbers?
What is the MAIN IDEA of this article?
Is this article fiction or non-fiction?
How do you know?


  1. Tales of bullying 1-9-2012

    This article is about a girl named Isabella who bullied people but, now she wants to stop all types of bullying even cyber bullying. Isabella relize how the kids who get bullied feel.

    This article is non-fiction because Isabella really didi bully. Lots of other people get bullied no matter where.

  2. -April 20,2012
    -Farewell to a president
    -Pages 4 and 5
    -Kennedy was shot and killed
    -It is non fiction because ut talks about Kennedy's assasonation
    -About the death of J.F.K
    -The funarul is the most important day.His family went to see his death.He was the 36th president.


    some beavers are big and some beavers are small I dont like them in my backyard cause they will eat my corn and all once apoun a time a beavers in north carlonia was danger of becoming a blurry photo in an old history book north carlonia reported its last native beaver in 1997 and it wasnt until 1939 that the state began to restore the species with twenty nine animals live trapped in pennsuluania fourteeen years later the prolific beavers my story is nonfiction cause it tells ral information agust2009

  4. -December 30,2011
    -Game on !!!
    -Pages 4 and 5
    -The main idea is about the olympics.They began in Anceint Greece more then 2,700 years ago.The olympics were games that come on national t.v. every year.The catagories are fenceing,hockey,snow bording,sking,skateing, relay races,arching and more.
    -I think this is a non fiction article because it talks about the real begining of the olympics.

  5. Feb 10th,2012
    Hunger pains
    Pages 4-5
    This article is about people who do not have food or a home and,so children,adults,and schools are trying to help the hunger pain problems.
    This article is non-fictiion becauseb there are real people who do not have food or a home to live in and we are trying to help them.

  6. PITCHING in th page of my story is page.4.

    Elliot Mast was a baseball player.She was trying to reach a goal.Her goal was to go to the all star champianship game.She rreally tried hard and she was so happy when she reached her goal.It took a couple or years but she just turned thirteen.This story is nonfiction because it tells real information abuot baseball.


  7. WATCH OUT WORMS page.4 febuary4 2012

    These plants are called meat eatting plants the color of the plants are purple.There very big and I want them to be in my yard.When a worm gets on the plant it might want to watch its back cause its going to grab it and sueeze it and kill it.It is a nonfiction story cause it tells real information about the plant.

  8. READY FOR THE BIG GAME page2 febuary42012

    Engineering recently made the largest game controller in the world.In london endland the game controller is 12 feet long and 5 feet wide.The game controller is called the jotpad.Since they made the joypad 30 times bigger they called it the huge joypad.It is a nonfiction story because it tells real information about the game controller.

  9. Winging It p.2 Yves Rossy is a pilot who wanted to faster. So he invented a jet that you put on your back to fly.The jet can fly up to 190 miles per hour.If yo were to fly over the Grand Canyon it would only take 8 minutes.This story is nonfiction because it tells about a real person and real events. on Scholastic News
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  10. Amani 4/26/13 Non-fictoin
    The Scholastic News is called Tales of Bulling.It is about kids getting bullied different ways.One kid is sttopping bullying right now her name is Isabella Petrin.On4e tocip I like is Before You Bully.Some kids cyberbully.Cyberbully is kids that bully online or on a phone.It also talks about why they do it.They do it to be a part of a group.

  11. jaqueline The date of my magazine is January 9,2012. The tile of my article is Coral Rescue. It is on p.2. An underwater conclution job is not easy to do. It is hard to work underwater and not hurt any of the living things. somethimes they have to repair a crumbling wall underwater. Its important to protect the coral underwater beacuase many sea creatures live there.In the ocean there are big waves that cover corals.This Article is non fiction beacuase this article is saying things that are true and it is giving a lot of Information. So it would help people to get a lot of information by reading it.

  12. RING IT ON page.5 may 4 2011

    Gymnast jonathan horton won bronze and silver medals at the 2008 olympics.Now the athletes from Houston,Texas are ready to go for the gold in London.W.R news talked to him about this.This is a nonfiction story because it tells real information about gymnast.

  13. SWIM STAR page 4 may2012

    Missy franklin had retired on the hopes to make waves at the summer olympics.The sixteen year old summer from centennial will complete for a spot on the u.s olympics swim team in june.W.r news student reporter Kaitlyn rentala talked with Missy about the games.Missy franklins goals are to complete her junior year of high school with some good grades.Also to train hard for the olymoics in june.this is a nonfiction story because it tells real information about surffing.

  14. Squirell shake, Allison Carick lives in England. She saw how all the squirells in her gardon liked nuts so she took some nuts and made it into a milkshake.They loved it! She put a straw into the milkshake and one of the squirrel drank out of it of the straw.This article is non-fiction because it tells about what actually happend in a real place.

  15. Whoo are you? page2 feb/10/2012 A baby owl was found in a rabbit trap and hurt its leg. The owlis now in a rehabilitation center trying to get better. They take care of 1500 animals each year. This article is non-fiction because it tells about a real animal /a real place/ and real events.

  16. THERE ARE PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA. Page.2 may/4/2012. Eli Martinez is a diver. One day he was diving with his friends in the Atlantic Ocean.Eli saw a Lemon shark.The shark did not hurt him. Lemon sharks are more likely to attack/ but this one just wanted to play.Not all sharks give you a high five but this one did!This article is non-fiction because it tells about a real man and what really happend to him.

  17. Name of article is:London Calling.My magazine date is may 4 2012.It is about this girl named Claressa Shield.She is trying to get a spot in the womens boxing team.She is 17 years old.She has taken 2,325 summer olympics medals home.It is non fiction because a 17 year old girl can do that too.But I don't think that anybody can take home 2,325 medals.

  18. -The date of the issue was feb 10,2012.
    -The title is called on the rights track.
    -The page number is page 6.
    -The main idea is about the civil rights stories.It talks about Martin Luther King.It talks about equal rights. It talks about the sit-in.
    It also talks about the Rosa Parks story.
    -I think this article is non fiction because it talks about how our world was 100 years ago.

  19. STEP ASIDE page.2 date october28 2011

    The main idea of the this article is about how scientists recently discovered this beelzebud bat in southeast asia.The beelzebud is so tiny it was five ounces.It has wings and has dark black fur.This story is nonfiction because it tells real information about the beelzebud bat.

  20. DRINK UP page2 april20 2012

    The main idea of my article is how a gray squrrel sips a peanut flavored smoothie.Allison carrick of Enland recently whipped up the cold treats for the squrrils.This story is nonfiction because it tells real information about the squrril.

  21. PLENTY OR FISH page2 2012

    The main idea of the article is about a man that goes to the bottom of the sea.He does this to learn more about the fish that livr in the sea.A shark by the man and it gave him a high five.He thought the shark was going to eat him but it didnt.The stor is nonfiction beccause it tells real information about a man and a shark.

  22. Tales of bullying 2pages read 5-9-13 Cameron the main idea of this stroy is about a girl named Isabella she realized that bullying can hurt people, so she dicided to form an antibullying group with about 25 other students.There to types of bullying bullying in person and Cyber bullying, cyber bullying is when people talks or say mean things about another person online,computeror even phone.I think people shouldn't bully at all.

  23. Title:"I was 11 on september 11 2001 the main idea of thgis article is about a girl named Emily who was ther on 9/11 there was two twin towers and one plane had went throu one twin tower that emily's mom was in.And her and Emily was in the studying part of the building.First who saw the plane was Emily's mom and she didn't know that it was going to do that.So she did look.The 2ed plane crashed into the twin tower and Emily said" they can feel the fire from five blocks away.And they got away Emily still remember it into this day.T think this is non-fiction because it is about something that happend in real life.page4-5 on september 5,2011.