National Geographic Kids

Read an article in an issue of this magazine and provide the following information:
What is the date of the issue?
What is the title of the article?
What are the page numbers?
What is the MAIN IDEA of this article?
Is this article fiction or non-fiction?
How do you know?


  1. 2011
    Woman Squeezes Into Suitcase
    page 8
    Woman holds the record for getting her self in the suitcase the fastest.
    It has real people and real companies.

  2. On page 20 there is a article named Handinals. I think its fun and creative for kids. Whoever made this article thank you because now we can make handimals. This article is amazing. Laila

  3. Found on pg:16
    issued september,2012
    Title:north america
    The main idea is about a endangered animal callde a island fox.IT about foxspitals and veternarians trying to save the island fox.In the articale it talx about the foxpitals/veternarians trying to save a island fox named waynuk a four month old a four month island fox that was attacked by a older island fox.Meanwhile foxes in the southernv island began to die spread by animals introduce from the mainland.By 1999 thos foxes were nearly exstinct.Conservation sprang into action.They began breading the foxes captivity and realeasing offspring into the wild.Bioligist vaccinated foxes against disease and treated sick and injured animals.Today,fox population on three of the islands have recovered.Waynuck's surgery ended up being sucsesful.The folowing article is non fiction because it shows real pictures and photographs of the island fox.

  4. issued:september,2012
    found on pg:24
    The main idea is about a endangered animal called a,iberian lynx. say you grab some binoculars focas,and spot the hornlike tufts or black fur poking above the leaves.You have caught a glimpse of the world's most endangered animal.Scientist took emergency action.They began breading captive lynx and establishing protected areas.Captive bread lynx were released in 2010,and those cats have since raised cubs.You wonder if the lynx you've spotted behind the bush is one of these sucsesful stories.You might hope humans and these wildcats can become good neighbors.
    It nis non-fiction because it shows real photograhps of the iberian lynx.

  5. dorian 4th
    its talking about myths that where busted, likechewing gum takes 7 years to digest, but it takes a couple of days and ifyou don't wash your hair spiders live in it, but no they need more room.

  6. It is about a spaceship that can take you to outer space it is a two hour trip and it is real.

  7. The wild surprise about dogs

    It was telling about different kinds of dogs that choose their owner.It also told what different dogs do.

  8. Issued:September,2012
    found:on pg 16 in GO SAFARI!
    The main idea is about a endangered animal called a Tasmanian devil.The tasmainian devil is timid in the wild.Food brings the tasmainian devil out.A rare contagious and deadly cancer that spreads through the bites put tasmanian devils on the endangered species list.Biologist have began raising captive devils to isolate them from the disease.The following articale is NON-FICTION because in the magazine it shows real photograps of the anmial.

  9. why do green sea turtle's have cleaner shells then logger head ones? Sea sponge's are the ansewer.A green sea turtle was seen taking a sponge bath with live sponge's.Did you know sea turtles are are endangerd.they eat jelly fish and sea grass so sometimes they eat plastic bages thinking they are jelly fish and the bag gets stuck in their throat or stomach and they starve!

  10. -My magazine issue was august 19,2012.
    -The tittle of the article is join the coin rush from super mario bros 2.
    -The page numbers are 1,2,3 and 4.
    -The main idea is about mario's new game.It is about mario saving peach again.but there's more!!!
    you can collect coins,go to stores,have more power and see if you can find the gold flower.
    -This article is fiction because it's a video game and no one can turn into gold.

  11. It is about different bears and what they do.One was a panda bear.You can find them in the San Diego Zoo. Second was a polar bear.You can find them at the Nandankanan Zoo.

  12. Issued:September,2012
    Title:Monkey Helps out
    The main idea is about a very smart monkey named kasey.You might wonder why I am calling a monkey smart but she is.She is a very helpful hand to a man named Ned Sullivan.He was paralyzed in a car accident.She is a very helpful,hand to him.when he is thirsty kasey she will get a waterbottle for him and put a straw in it.She even scratches his itches.After goin to monkey collage kasey uses every thing she learned to help Ned.She also challenges ned to heal faster she helps him use his weaker hand to reach up in higher places.This has regained a lot of movement said Ned Sullivan.It is NON-FICTION because it shows a real picture of kasey giving ned a waterbottle.

  13. This magazine was issued in September 2001.The name of my article is EndangeredAnimal:Iberian Lynx.The article is on pages 24-25.The main idea of this article is about how Miguel Rodrigues is a local lynx expert.He says that lynx's are endangered because people are taking them from their homes.Some people take them for things like zoo's.Other people take them because they are trying to save them.when people take them for good reasons they take the kittens and feed them from a bottle.Some people take good care of this endangered animal.I think this article is non-fiction because it gives real information about a real endangered animal.

  14. The date of this issue was june/july 2013.The title of this article is Macaw Takes Up Skiing.The page number of this article is on page 23.The main idea of this article is about an 8 year old Macaw snow skiing with the help of owner Mark Stieger. This article is non-fiction because it has a real person,it involves a picture of a real macaw.