Wildlife in North Carolina

Read an article in an issue of this magazine and provide the following information:
What is the date of the issue?
What is the title of the article?
What are the page numbers?
What is the MAIN IDEA of this article?
Is this article fiction or non-fiction?
How do you know?


  1. Did you know some animals are smarter than you think ?...some animals like parrots and chimps use tools to get what they need.Dolphins trap fish because when fish get stuck in shells dolphins take the shells with the fish in it to shore and shake the fish out of the shells and eat eat them.

  2. This article was issued in August 2009.The name of my article is Beavers.It is on pages 5-9.The main idea of my article is about beavers.It explains what they look like.It tells how they use thier teeth to cut the trees down. It also talks about what they look like. I think it's nonfiction because it talks about wild life and beavers.It gives real information and facts.