Boys' Life

Read an article in an issue of this magazine and provide the following information:
What is the date of the issue?
What is the title of the article?
What are the page numbers?
What is the MAIN IDEA of this article?
Is this article fiction or non-fiction?
How do you know?


  1. It was about bahamas. Bahumas is a collection of islands. On 2 of those islands paradise and grand island there are very fancy things. It also told about cat island which features 150 squares of jungle and beach and only 1 paved

  2. It is about A austrian group that use veggies to make a instrumets like a carrat as a flutes to make sounds.

  3. It was about a guy who made sandals for scouts.He also made gear for scouts.He was a proffesional swimmer.The price for the gear very expensive.Some people bought the gear.

  4. it is about a space suit that can be able to walk,run and even climb mountains on the moon and mars.

  5. It was about a boy that swam in a triathlon.He could swim for 32 minutes and 54 seconds.He said he only focused on people in front of him.He said he would be a coach.He also said whtever you like doing stay with it.